List of English Symbols.

The following table gives a complete list of the English vowel symbols in the "Romic" system I propose, together with those consonant ones which require elucidation, with examples.

A. Vowels.

aa: papa, far, glass, after, aunt. [Before s and f or before two (pronounced) consonants aa is sometimes shortened, and sometimes becomes æ: glæs, ænt.]
æ: man.
ae: aerate, bear, fare. [Always followed by .]
ai: Isaiah, aisle, wine.
ao: extraordinary, broad, more.
au: Faust, now, noun.
e: red.
ei: they, veil, name.
i: ill, fishes.
ii, iy: machine, feel.
o: not, cloth, cross, soft. [Often becomes ao before th, s, and f: klaoth, kraos, saoft.]
oi: boy, boil.
ou: flow, soul, stone.
u: full, put, good.
uu, uw: truth, rue, fool.
: up, come; father, here.
oe: her, turn, heard.

B. Consonants.

c: church, catch.
dh: then, with.
j: judge, gentle.
q: sing, finger.
sh: fish.
th: think.
x: six, wrecks.
y: young.
zh: rouge, pleasure.

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