Absurdities of English spelling

4: Phonetic value of heteric consonant combinations

Nearly all consonant combinations in the present heteric spelling have multiple sound values, despite the fact that defenders of this spelling point to the consonant letters as having fairly constant values. The following list was compiled with the help of Ellis, Plea for Phonetic Spelling, 1848.

b: [b] in be, mute in lamb

c: [k] in can, [s] in cell, [S] in special, mute in yacht

ch: [tS] in chain, [dZ] in spinach, [k] in architect, [S] in chef, mute in yacht

d: [t] in sucked, [d] in deep, [dZ] in soldier, mute in handkerchief

f: [f] in foe, [v] in of, mute in stiff

g: [dZ] in gem, [g] in geese, [Z] in rouge, mute in gnaw

gh: [p] in hiccough, [g] in ghost, [f] in laugh, mute in straight

h: [h] in hat, [] in eighth

j: [dZ] in just

k: [k] in kill, mute in know

l: [l] in lace, mute in salmon

m: [m] in am, mute in mnemonics

n: [n] in can, [] in finger, mute in hymn

p: [p] in pity, mute in cupboard

ph: [f] in philosophy, [p] in shepherd, [ph] in haphazard, mute in phthisical

qu: [k] in quay, [kw] in queen, mute in lacquer

r: [r] in ray, mute in myrrh

s: [s] in see, [z] in as, [S] in sugar, [Z] in vision, mute in isle

sh: [S] in shine, [sh] in mishap

t: [t] in toe, [S] in motion, mute in soften

th: [t] in thyme, [] in thigh, [] in the, [t] in eighth

v: [v] in veal

x: [z] in xylophone, [ks] in vex, [gz] in exalt, [k] in except

y: [j] in yard, mute in prayer

z: [ts] in pizza, [z] in zeal, [Z] in azure, mute in rendezvous

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