Novialiste Photo Gallery

On this page are photos of contributors to the Novial journal Novialiste 1934-39. Most were also members of the Lingue-jurie de novialistes (LJN).

Otto Jespersen and Edgar de Wahl. Jespersen, well-known linguist and inventor of Novial, with Edgar de Wahl, author of the system Occidental. See their Discussion on international language.

Valter Ahlstedt. Swedish novialist who became co-editor of Novialiste in 1937. Ahlstedt was a philologist and librarian, and wrote many detailed linguistic articles on Novial.

John Lansbury, MD. Lansbury was an associate professor of medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. See his article Pledo a scientiistes.

Henry Littlewood. Novialist who contributed linguistic articles to the journal.

Campos Lima. Portuguese novialist, professor of languages, author of works on social and legal problems, literary expert and journalist, who lived in Lisbon.

Mrs Dave Hennen Morris. Founder of the International Auxiliary Language Association, which after the second world war published Interlingua.


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