Medilingua / grammar

An International LanguageFunctionMedilingua
s = [s/z]sound of letter ss = [s] in all positions
-reintroduction of letter zz = [z]
-reintroduction of letter ww = [w/v]
-orthographic spellingoptional: c = [s] before e,i; = [k] in all other positions
lidefinite article ("the")le
lu(m)pronoun itile, ilum, or lo as in lo boni = le bonum
-ngenitive endingsuppressed in favor of de
-maccusative endingsuppressed
me1sg pronounio
nus1pl pronounnos
le/o/a3sg pronounsile/o/a
men1sg possessive pronounmi
nusen3sg possessive pronounnostre
vun, vusen2sg, 2pl possessive pronounsvostre
len/lon/lan/lesen/sen etc.3sg/pl possessive pronounssu
mutureciprocal pronoununaltres
tuinfinitive particlesuppressed
lethortative particlelas
didpast tense particlesuppress in favor of -d
sal/vefuture tenseva
vud, -udconditional tensevel
blipassive of becomingbli/fi
-esosuffix for "being"-ie
-umnames of languages-ese
-ilosuffix for "tool, instrument"-ile
-iasuffix for countries, domains etc.suppress use for abstract domains, fields, sciences etc. in favor of -ie
-arosuffix for "group of"-are
-(t)ioneverbal suffix-(t)ion(e)
-iv(i)suffix "that can"-(t)iv(i)
-temsuffix for "time"-tempe better
-foysuffix for "times, occasions"-ves (from vese)
-m(an)regular adverb ending-m(ente)
obquestion wordeske
-upreposition adverb ending-im
hinterprepn. "behind"arier
afterprepn. "after"pos
instedprepn. "instead"vise