An English-value system based on Glossic

on dhis paij iz prizentid n ingglish-valyoo sistm v rifaumd ingglish speling, wich iz baist on dh glosik sistm bei elis (see dhis link f furdhr infmaishn on glosik). taibl v dh simblz v dh sistm iz foload bei fau spesimin teksts, inklooding too standd wunz.

Consonant symbols

b[b]big, baby, mob
ch[tS]chip, church, pitch
d[d]did, dog, pinned
dh[]the, then, with
f[f]five, photo, tough
g[g]good, giggle, big
h[h]hit, have, behold
j[dZ]job, ginger, bridge
k[k]kill, kick, cat
l[l]live, lolly, pool
m[m]mad, mammoth, him
n[n]nod, pain, reign
ng[]sing, bringing, finger
p[p]pit, pepper, shepherd
r[r]rim, bury, hearing
s[s]sip, missing, cross
sh[S]ship, machine, motion
t[t]tip, putting, heat
th[]thin, wrath, pithy
v[v]very, live, vivid
w[w]win, which, bewitch
y[j]young, yes, beyond
z[z]zebra, rose, dizzy
zh[Z]pleasure, vision, rouge

Vowel symbols

a[æ]man, scatter, ant
aa[a:]aadvark, barn, past
ai[ei]aim, lane, reign
air[e]chair, pear, fare
au[o:]automatic, lord, bought
e[e]bed, head, said
ee[i:]seed, meal, believe
eer[i]beer, fear, here
ei[ai]height, light, sky
i[i]bit, reform, luggage
o[o]pot, wash, cough
oa[u]boat, soul, though
oi[oi]boil, toy, employed
oo[u:]soon, truth, shoe
ou[au]sound, clown, plough
u[]cut, other, blood
uo[u]put, could, hood
ur[:]burn, stir, learn
[]father, bottom, tenant



hoosoaev heerrith dheez saiingz v mein, nd dooith dhm, ei wil leikn him untoo weiz man, wich bilt hiz hous pon rok: nd dh rain disendid, nd dh fludz kaim, nd dh wind bloo, nd beet pon dhat hous; nd it fel not:
fr it wz foundid pon rok.

nd evriwun dht heerrith dheez saiingz v mein, nd dooith dhm not, shal bee leiknd untoo foolish man, wich bilt hiz hous pon dh sand: nd dh rain disendid, nd dh fludz kaim, nd dh wind bloo, nd beet pon dhat hous; nd it fel: nd grait wz dh faul v it.


dispyoot wuns roaz bitween dh wind nd dh sun, wich wz dh stronggr v dh too, nd dhai greed t puot dh point on dhis ishoo, dht wichev soonist maid travl taik of hiz kloak, shuod bee kountid dh mau poufuol. dh wind bigan, nd bloo widh aul hiz meit nd main blaast, koald nd feers z thraishn staum; bt dh strongg hee bloo dh kloas dh travl rapt hiz kloak round him, nd dh teit hee graaspt it widh hiz handz. dhen broak out dh sun: widh hiz welkm beemz hee dispurst dh vaipr nd dh koald; dh travl felt dh jeenyl waumth, nd z dh sun shon breitr nd breit, hee sat doun, oavkum widh dh heet, nd kaast hiz kloak on dh ground.


it peerz dht dhairr aar in ingglnd nd wailz, in round numbz, feiv milyn childrn v dh laibring popyuolaishn, hoo mai bee ikspektid too tend publik elimentri skoolz. bout haaf dhis numbr aar akchuoli on dh roalz v such skoolz. wee mai estimait dht bout haaf milyn childrn anyuoli paas dh limit v dh skool aij nd entr on leif v laib. dh heiist standd fikst in dheez skoolz, dh siksth standd, rikweiz dh pyoopl t reed shaut pasij frm buok au nyoozpaip, nd t reit shaut theem widh krekt speling - not veri hei rikweimnt surtnli. hou meni childrn reecht dhis standd? oanli twenti thouznd; weil dh numbr v teechz, inklooding pyooplteechz, imploid iz bout fifti thouznd; dhat iz, too pyooplz pr anm fr evri feiv teechz! oanli bout wun hundrd thouznd childrn anyuoli ev get biyond dh thurd standd, wich meenz dh reeding v n eezi stauribuok, nd reiting shaut pasij frm dh saim widh krekt speling.


sum peepl mai aask wei seintifik wurk shuod divoat empti ouz v fei-woching in abdeen too taask wich prfeshnl linggwists meit mau propli undtaik. dhairr iz wun sfishnt aans t dhis kweschn. just bikoz dhai aa prfeshnl linggwists, prfeshnl linggwists aar apt too undrait dh linggwistik bilitiz v audnri peepl, nd hens too undrait dh soashl impautns v dh langgwij ishoo veez-aa-vee wurld pees nd wurldweid hyoomn koaopraishn. bikoz nachrl seins iz dhee oanli igzisting faum v hyoomn koaopraishn on planitri skail, men v seins, hoo hav t turn t jurnlz publisht in meni langgwijiz f nesseri infmaishn, aar kyootli wair dht dh baibl v tungz iz soashl problm v dh furst magnityood. men v seins, mau dhn udhz, hav t dhair fingg-tips n intnashnl voakabyuoleri wich iz aulredi in igzistns; nd beioljist hoo luoks fauwd too helth-konshs fyooch kanot fail t rekgneiz hou popyuolreizaishn v nyoo helth standdz iz daili ading t dh stok-in-traid v intnashnli kurnt wurdz in daili yoos.

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